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Word Tutorial: Learn Word in 30 Minutes – Just Right for your Job Application

A concise tutorial on Microsoft Word covering most features in a condensed way for a job application or to enhance the resume with tech. skills. For more info. visit

For those of you who want to learn at a slower pace, please see the full tutorial on Word 2016 here:

Word in 30 minutes URL:

This video covers the following areas:
00:10 Getting started with Word 2016 and templates
01:10 Starting with a blank document and the general user interface components. Getting to know Word.
03:57 Basic formatting features in Word: fonts, bullets, search and replace and format painter.
05:26 Formatting styles and applying heading 1, 2, 3 styles in a document.
07:58 Using the Format Painter tool
08:45 Using Search and Replace
09:16 Inserting media in a document.
10:27 Inserting pictures from the Web
11:10 Using SmartArt in a document
12:04 Inserting tables
12:36 Inserting charts in a document
13:32 Inserting media from the Web such as embedding videos in a document
14:00 Inserting hyperlinks in a document
14:31 Using comments in a document.
14:59 Using Headers and footers in a document
15:39 Changing margins in a document
16:15 Creating columns in a document
17:01 Creating a table of contents
18:36 Inserting footnotes and endnotes in a document
21:22 Creating a mail merge
26:17 Creating a label mail merge in Word 2016.
28:00 Using Macros in Word.

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