Using Outlook 2018: A Complete Tutorial for the Workplace

Are you trying to be more effective in your work and trying to advance in your career? This tutorial will give you a complete overview of how to use Microsoft Outlook in the workplace or corporate environment. We will start with the very basics of setting up your account, using email, contacts, tasks and most importantly effectively using the Calendar module for scheduling and confirming meetings across departments. So why wait? Check it out.

If you like this work, consider sharing the link to it or even take one of the self-paced courses. This will help support the work for such free resources for those who do not have the resources across the world.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Kaceli Self-Paced Courses

How do I get started with the course?

The items have been posted and are intended to be completed in sequential order. Start with the top of the page and then proceed with the items in sequence. Note, once you complete a module, a checkmark will be placed next to the item.


What if I change my mind and I am not satisfied with the self-paced course?

You can request a refund within 24 hours of signing up and we will issue the full refund with no questions asked. We want you to be happy with the offering. Remember, this is also a mechanism to support the work for the free tutorials on the YouTube channel.


How long do I get access to the course?

As long as you want. Our hope is that you will complete the courses, learn from them and even come back to revisit the material making the most of the money you paid for it. 


Can I ask questions related to the posted content? Will the instructor participate?

This is a self-paced course and you will proceed with the content on your own. You can post your questions in the community forum in the course and the instructor and other members may answer your question. Note that the instructor is not obligated to answer questions not directly related to the presented content such as personal projects etc. If you want to contact Sali directly about something, please state in the email ( that you are enrolled in the course. 


Who do I contact in case of any issues with accessing the content?

Contact You will get an answer in 24 hours or less.


I am learning a lot but I feel I need personalized live training or need help designing a database or a project? Do you provide such services.

Yes, simply contact  Personalized training is available at a reasonable rate. 

Can I get a certificate of completion for completing this course?

Yes, simply send an email to  upon completion of your course. The certificate will be issued once the completion has been verified.  A few already have done so and I hope in addition to gaining some knowledge, this also helps you in enhancing your resume and technology toolkit. 


Where Do I Sign up for a Course?

Simply go to, create and account from there first and then access one of the courses.

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User Input Queries and Reports in Microsoft Access 2016

User input queries and reports are a powerful feature for any Access database user. This feature makes running reports and queries a breeze and allows you the flexibility to specify query parameters at any time you execute it. The following video demonstrates how to design a custom query or report where you can specify the date or the date range. And it is pretty easy and can do it with all kinds of fields and criteria.

Learn more by also checking the full Access 2016 tutorial or by taking the Access self-paced course.

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Hosting Videos on Vimeo

I recently decided to give a try to Vimeo Pro and see how hosting videos works on the platform. I am finding it to be very user friendly and not too distracting for the viewer. I am actually now even hosting my Excel 2016 tutorial on this platform as it provides a rental option. This method of streaming would be helpful for training purposes for your employees etc. with no distractions.



Check it out. No ads, just learning.

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Google Drive in 30 Minutes: Create, Share and Collaborate Effectively

Google Drive is a great tool for creating content, sharing the content and collaborating with others on projects. I have thus created a 30 minute video just for this. It starts with the very basics and proceed with the various aspects of creating content, uploading, proper sharing and managing the files. Check it out and comment below if you have questions.



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Word Tutorial: Learn Word in 30 Minutes – Just Right for your Job Application

A concise tutorial on Microsoft Word covering most features in a condensed way for a job application or to enhance the resume with tech. skills. For more info. visit

For those of you who want to learn at a slower pace, please see the full tutorial on Word 2016 here:

Word in 30 minutes URL:

This video covers the following areas:
00:10 Getting started with Word 2016 and templates
01:10 Starting with a blank document and the general user interface components. Getting to know Word.
03:57 Basic formatting features in Word: fonts, bullets, search and replace and format painter.
05:26 Formatting styles and applying heading 1, 2, 3 styles in a document.
07:58 Using the Format Painter tool
08:45 Using Search and Replace
09:16 Inserting media in a document.
10:27 Inserting pictures from the Web
11:10 Using SmartArt in a document
12:04 Inserting tables
12:36 Inserting charts in a document
13:32 Inserting media from the Web such as embedding videos in a document
14:00 Inserting hyperlinks in a document
14:31 Using comments in a document.
14:59 Using Headers and footers in a document
15:39 Changing margins in a document
16:15 Creating columns in a document
17:01 Creating a table of contents
18:36 Inserting footnotes and endnotes in a document
21:22 Creating a mail merge
26:17 Creating a label mail merge in Word 2016.
28:00 Using Macros in Word.

Keep in touch:
YouTube Channel:


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Microsoft Access 2016 Tutorial: Creating Professional Reports in Access

This is part 13 of a multiple part series of the Access 2016 tutorial. This session focuses on concepts related to creating and customizing reports from multiple tables in Access 2016. Learn more at

In more detail, this session we will focus on:
Learn how to create a report with data from multiple tables in Access 2016.
Learn how to customize reports using the Layout View and the Design View.
Learn how to create professional reports in Microsoft Access.
Learn how to add new fields in an existing report in Access.
Learn how to move fields in a report.
Learn how to change the control source for a field in a report.

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