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How to Use Microsoft Flip (Flipgrid)?

Flipgrid (Microsoft Flip) is a popular web tool to record videos, create interactive class discussions, lessons, and lists. Flipgrid is a simple, free, and accessible video discussion tool for learners and teachers.

Here is a comprehensive tutorial on how to use Flipgrid.

Topics covered in the video:

  • Activating your Flipgrid account
  • Creating groups or classes and specifying permissions
  • Adding CoPilots to your class in Flipgrid
  • Using Lesson Templates or the Discovery function in Flipgrid
  • Adding a Discussion Topic in Flipgrid
  • Managing discussions and commenting and providing feedback in Flipgrid.
  • Creating and sharing short videos. Due to the recording software, I was using, I could not demonstrate much of the camera capture functionality. Will try to update it in the future.

Here is also a Quick Guide on How to Use Flipgrid.

Quick Guide – Step-by-Step Directions

Using Flipgrid

A Quick Guide for the Faculty



Flipgrid is a free video discussion platform from Microsoft. In Flipgrid, educators post discussion prompts and students respond with short videos, whether they are learning in class or at home. Key steps include:

  1. Activating the free account
  2. Creating a group/class and then topic
  3. Setting access and sharing your content
  4. Learners responding and interacting

Students join the discussion via a topic code that you send out when configuring the topic.


  1. Go to com and click on Educator Sign up (top right button)
  2. Select Google or Microsoft Account and follow the prompts.


Groups are like creating separate classes and allow you to organize and share multiple topics with your learning community. Once they have permission, they will be able to view all discussion topics in the group.

  1. Click on Create new group.
  2. Enter a group name and specify the group join code.
  3. Specify permissions: add your students via email. Note that if you do not add the student’s email, they will not be able to join.
  4. Specify additional features such as notifications for the group followers by toggling the “group followers” button to on.
  5. Personalize the group cover by selecting from one of the images.
  6. Press create group.
  7. Copy the group URL and post or share it as needed.


This option allows you to grant someone else full permissions to a group/class.

  1. Navigate to the list of groups and click on Actions.
  2. Click Add CoPilots and invite your educator’s email. Note: they must have already activated Flipgrid on their end.


Using lesson templates/discovery

Instead of creating a lesson or discussion from scratch, you can reuse one already shared by other Flipgrid users.

  1. Click on Discovery and scroll down and search for a keyword or subject.
  2. Select the topic that has been used the most along with the proper community.
  3. Select on the Flipgrid item and click Add Topic.
  4. Click on Add to a Group (to share/use it with a particular class).
  5. Select your group/class and press to go my Topics.
  6. While at the list of topics, click the pencil icon to edit the current topic
  7. Modify the title, prompt, consider adding your own intro. video, select whether you want to allow guest access, moderation etc.
  8. Specify the Feedback type. This is where you can apply a rubric. Click Custom Feedback to add criteria.
  9. Click Update topic when done.


Topics are your discussion threads where your students record their videos.

  1. Click Create a new topic.
  2. Enter the topic title.
  3. Enter a prompt for the topic discussion.
  4. Add your media. Most common is recording a short video or adding a YouTube or other media. Note you can also do screen capture. Note all the assorted options.
  5. Specify permissions by entering the student emails.
  6. Specify a guest password.
  7. Specify the Feedback type. This is where you can apply a rubric. Click Custom Feedback to add criteria.
  8. Click Update topic when done.

MANAGING A DISCUSSION: Commenting and Feedback

This is where you view the responses, commenting and providing feedback.

  1. Click on the topic and navigate to one of the comments.
  2. Note you can post a public comment in the Add a comment area.
  3. Click the Feeback Tab and press Record Feedback.
  4. Adjust the grading rubric by clicking on Edit.


Shorts allows you to record short videos or screen captures up to 10 minutes long and share it anywhere with a link.

  1. Click on Shorts (top right).
  2. Click Record a Short.
  3. Name the video and then share it by clicking on the Link option (bottom right of the video).


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