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Microsoft Outlook: A Complete Guide – Tutorials and More

Outlook, Simplified

Master Microsoft Outlook

Whether you are looking for the latest version or previous versions of Microsoft Outlook, it is all here. Tutorials, guides, and even self-paced courses for Microsoft Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, and prior versions.

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We Are Committed to Making Outlook simple.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the main email platforms used in today’s workplace. Knowing the ins and outs will give you the upper edge in the workplace. 

What makes kaceli TechTraining Different



All instruction is concept-based. You will be able to apply what you learn later in other versions of the application.



Most of the resources here are free including full tutorials.



All instruction is designed for the absolute beginner. You can apply what you learn right away in the workplace.

Microsoft Outlook 2019/2016 (for Microsoft 365)

Complete tutorials, guides, self-paced courses for the absolute beginner. Great for self-paced learning or corporate training.

Outlook 2019/2016 for Students and Teachers, or Employees

The complete tutorial on Outlook. 

Outlook 2016, Part 1

In case you only need the basics.

Microsoft Outlook in 30 Minutes

Are you in a rush to learn Outlook and do not need the very basics? Check out this tutorial.

Outlook in 30 Minutes - Just Right for Job Applications

It is based on Outlook 2016 and covers most concepts necessary for a job interview. 

Word & Job Interviews

Most employers are looking for employees that understand how to use Outlook . If you are in a rush, check out this tutorial. If you are a beginner, consider using the tutorials above. They go into more detail for each concept. 

Microsoft Outlook 2007

Complete tutorials, guides, self-paced courses for the absolute beginner. Great for self-paced learning or corporate training.

Outlook 2007 for Students, Teachers or Employees

The complete tutorial on Outlook 2007 is designed for anyone that needs to get a good understanding of Outlook 2007. 

Self-Paced Courses

Microsoft Word Course by Kaceli TechTraining

Microsoft Word for the Workplace

Want to make the most out of these tutorials? Take one of the self-paced courses? 

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