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LMS Tutorials on Using the Moodle™ Software Platform by Kaceli TechTraining


Tutorials on Using the Moodle™ Platform

Whether you are looking for the latest version or previous versions of Moodle™  Platform, it is all here. These Moodle™  Platform tutorials and guides will give you a good undersanding of how to this LMS effectively. 

Online Learning Kaceli TechTraining

What makes kaceli TechTraining Different



All instruction is concept-based. You will be able to apply what you learn later in other versions of the application.



Most of the resources here are free including full tutorials.



All instruction is designed for the absolute beginner. You can apply what you learn right away in the workplace.

Tutorials on Using the Moodle™ Platform for Teachers

Complete tutorials, guides, self-paced courses for the absolute beginner.

Using the Moodle platform to Develop Online Courses

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Edwiser RemUI theme for the moodle ™ platform

Self-Paced Courses

Microsoft Word Course by Kaceli TechTraining

Microsoft Word for the Workplace

Want to make the most out of these tutorials? Take one of the self-paced courses? 

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