Error: “Cannot print unless an item is selected. Select an item , and try to print again”

Outlook Office 365 Error and Solution: “Cannot print unless an item is selected. Select an item , and try to print again”

All of a sudden your Outlook 2019 or Outlook for Office 365, local install may give you the following error: “Cannot print unless an item is selected. Select an item , and try to print again“. Outlook stores the print settings in outlprnt file in your profile. To resolve the issue do the following:

  1. Quit Outlook.
  2. Navigate to C:\Users\<your user profile>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook\
  3. Locate the outlprnt file. Rename the file to outlprnt.old.
  4. Restart Outlook


Other Resources

If you are not experiencing this problem and simply want to learn how to use Outlook, see the tutorial below:

Outlook 2016 Tutorial, Part 1 of 2

Outlook 2016 Tutorial, Part 2 of 2

Outlook 2016 Complete Tutorial

This tutorial covers the following major areas:

00:00:01 Getting Started with the Outlook and activating personal Gmail account in Outlook 2016.

00:03:35 Setting up an Exchange business account in Outlook 2016.

00:07:08 Getting started with Outlook 2016: The basic concepts and user interface.

00:14:49 Composing and sending emails in Outlook 2016. It also includes best practices.

00:22:50 Replying and forwarding messages in Outlook 2016

00:27:54 Composing and sending multimedia emails.

00:38:00 Using the Outlook address book and message drafts.

00:41:47 Using signatures in Outlook

00:45:17 Searching for messages in folders and subfolders

00:48:17 Organizing messages in folders and subfolders

00:5136 Defining rules for messages

00:56:33 How to block spam messages in Outlook

00:58:31 Categorizing and creating tasks and reminders

01:01:59 Setting up automatic out of office replies.

01:01:59 Using the Calendar module in Outlook 2016

01:04:33 Sharing the Outlook calendar with someone else and managing permissions.

01:09:10 Granting delegate access to your calendar, email, contacts and tasks in Outlook 2016.

01:12:00 Scheduling meetings and tracking confirmations in Outlook 2016

21:00 Opening a shared calendar in Outlook 2016.

25:05 Navigating the People hub in Outlook 2016 and creating new contacts.

35:54 Creating distribution list and sending email to it.

37:26 Sharing contacts in Outlook.

40:23 Using business cards and VCards.

42:15 Using the People Pane to track messages and correspondence.

46:15 Using Quick Steps in Outlook to automate responses and interactions.

51:46 Using the Tasks module to create new tasks and send status updates.

54:32 Assigning tasks to someone else in Outlook 2016.

56:36 Using the Notes module in Outlook 2016.

59:36 Forwarding all email to another account.

59:35 Backing up and restoring your mailbox via .pst files (includes selective backup too).

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