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How to Insert Hyperlinks in a Word Document

The fastest way to create a basic hyperlink in an Office document is to press ENTER or the SPACEBAR after you type the address of an existing webpage, such as Office automatically converts the address into a link. In addition to webpages, you can create links to existing or new files on your computer, to email addresses, and to specific locations in a document. And this is by selecting part of the text or an image and hyperlinking it. You can also edit the address, display text, and font style or color of a hyperlink.

To hyperlink text or an image from your document, do the following:

  1. Select the text or the image.
  2. Click on Insert tab and then select Hyperlink. Tip: You can also use CTRL+K to get to the hyperlink window.
  3. Next in the address field enter the URL or select one of the files in your computer and click OK.

Here is also the step-by-step video on how to insert hyperlinks in a document in Word 2019. The same process works for other versions of Word.



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