How to Mirror your Android Phone Screen to a Windows 10 PC Without Installing any Additional Apps

There are times where you would like to present a PowerPoint to your audience or mirror what is on your phone to a large monitor for convenience. This is now very doable in Windows 10 by using the Connect application. This allows you to roam around the room and even annotate on the screen  from your Android device all of this via a wireless connection.

The steps are pretty simple as also outlined in the video below

  1. Open up the Connect application from your Windows 10 laptop. Note, the computer must have the anniversary updates (August 2016 update) installed for this to work
  2. Then on your Android device go to Settings and locate screen sharing or mirroring and choose to enable it.
  3. Once your laptop is located, now connect to it and that is it. See the video below for more step-by-step details.

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  • Navnit Verma

    i found your article very true about how to mirror a android phone to a pc. without using any apps.Truly appreciate you for this.You seem to have a good understanding about it.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for share with us an important article about how to mirror an Android phone to a windows Pc.Thank You . keep going .

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    I think you have complete knowledge on how to mirror android phone to a windows Pc without installing any apps.i read your whole article and also tried about it.i’m satisfied that you just shared this helpful information with us.

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    that’s very best video for Android users this very much many people try a mirror android phone on a windows pc this video very helpful that.

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