How to Customize Windows 10 Privacy Settings During and After the Upgrade

Windows 10 is a free upgrade for now for Windows 7 and 8.x users and the process for the upgrade is very refined and easy for anyone. The files are usually automatically downloaded by Microsoft and the settings are preserved after the upgrade. Some are already taking advantage of the free upgrade which offers new features along with improved computer performance. However, others are concerned about the privacy. So what is the deal? Should I upgrade or still wait? That is one of the questions I have been getting recently.

I personally have upgraded and am enjoying the features it offers which I have also outlined in this Windows 10 tutorial. Microsoft is trying to offer personalized services similar to what Google offers via Google Search (Google Now) and Apple through Siri. Basically, it tracks what you search, what you do and then offers you personalized location/search based services. For those of you that are concerned about the privacy you can customize the settings both during the upgrade and after the upgrade.

During the upgrade process, you can uncheck the settings as outlined in the snapshots.

  1. Basically start the upgrade and be ready for it to take at least 45-90 minutes based on the speed of your computer. During the upgrade process, when you come to the following screens, customize the settings as below.
w10-1 customize settings initial option

The first set of setting to customize during the upgrade


w10-2 personalization and location

The second set of settings to customize during the upgrade


w10-3 customize settings connectivity

The third set of settings to tweak during the upgrade


w10-4 customize settings

The fourth set of settings to customize during the upgrade of Windows 10


w10-5 use cortana

The last set of settings to customize during the Windows 10 upgrade


2. If you already upgraded and want to still customize the settings, then check this video from the channel.


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