Access 2016: Creating a Database from Scratch

This is part 3 of a multiple part series of the Access 2016 tutorial. This session focuses on concepts related to creating a database from scratch and designing tables in Access.

In more detail, this session we will focus on:
Creating a database from scratch in Access 2016
Learn components of Microsoft Access and what various components do.
Learn about external data in Access
Database tools and database relationships
The Tell Me feature in Access 2016
Creating and designing tables in Access databases
Creating fields in a table in an Access database
Defining the data types in a table in Access 2016
Records and fields in an Access database
Defining types of fields in an Access database
Defining the primary key in a table
Saving the table
Changing the design of a table in Access 2016
Using the Design View to modify the structure of a table in Access 2016
Setting the field size length in a table.

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It is suggested that you continue to part 4 after completing this module.

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