A self-paced course on Microsoft Word for the workplace. No ads, just learning. 14 modules with embedded practical assessments.  The course is based off Word 2016. However, the same concepts apply for the previous versions as well.


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  • Lesson 1: Getting Started with Word
  • Lesson 2: Working with Basic Formatting Features in a Document
  • Lesson 3: Using Search and Replace and the Format Painter
  • Lesson 4: Applying and Customizing Formatting Styles
  • Lesson 5: Images, SmartArt, Tables and Charts
  • Lesson 6: Hyperlinks, Comments, Headers and Footers
  • Lesson 7: Cover Pages, Page Breaks and the Design Feature
  • Lesson 8: Margins, Columns and Creating the Table of Contents
  • Lesson 9: Using References, Footnotes, Endnotes and Citations
  • Lesson 10: Performing a Mail Merge in Word 2016
  • Lesson 11: Creating an eMail Merge
  • Lesson 12: Creating Label Mail Merges
  • Lesson 13: Using Track Changes in a Document
  • Lesson 14: Comparing Two Documents in Word
  • Lesson 14: Comparing Two Documents in Word

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If you are not satisfied with the content, just let us know within 24 hours of enrollment, and I will give a full refund. Simply email us at info@kaceli.com and we will be refunding you promptly. Remember, this mechanism also supports the work for the free videos on https://kaceli.com/a. This is one way you can support this work.

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