Learn how to use Microsoft Outlook in the workplace in 16 lessons. Start from the very basics and learn the advanced features of effectively scheduling meetings with Outlook. Note this course is still in progress and the built-in assessments are coming soon. That is the reason this is priced this way. Why should you sign up here? No ads, just learning and you also support the work on YouTube. 
Here are some areas covered in this course: 

  • Getting Started with the Outlook and activating a personal Gmail account in Outlook 2016. 
  • Setting up a Business Account in Outlook 2016 that is connected to Microsoft Exchange. 
  • Getting Started with Outlook 2016: The basic concepts and user interface. 
  • Composing and sending emails in Outlook 2016. It also includes best practices. 
  • Replying and forwarding messages in Outlook 2016 
  • Composing and Sending Multimedia Emails. 
  • Using the Outlook Address Book and Message Drafts. 
  • Using signatures in Outlook 
  • Searching for messages in Folders and sub-folders
  • Organizing messages in folders and subfolders
  • Defining rules for messages
  • How to block spam messages in Outlook
  • Categorizing and Creating Tasks and Reminders 
  • Setting up automatic out of office replies.

If you are not happy with the course for whatever reason simply contact me within 24 hours of registering and you will get your money back. No questions asked.