How to Free up and Reclaim 20+ GB of Storage when Using a Solid State Drive in Windows 10


Every time you upgrade from one version of Windows to another, the system retains a copy of your previous version in case you want to go back. This is true when upgrading Windows 8.x to Windows 10 or even Windows 10 to Windows 10 Anniversary Edition. When you do this, you will typically lose around 20GB of storage from your hard drive. So the question is how can you reclaim some of the lost storage?

This can be a problem particularly when using a Solid State Drive or you are already running out of space. In this case, the solution is to simply remove the backup copy of the previous Windows version. Do this only when you are sure the  upgrade was successful and you do not intend to go back.

If you are sure and want to reclaim your hard drive space, check out this brief 3 minute tutorial.

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