Business nowadays depends on the systems running smoothly. And that is where we come in: providing you with the expertise and effective solutions to solve day-to-day system problems. Below are just some of the support plans that you can choose for your business. There is no locking into a contract. You can switch plans at any time.

On Demand: Pay as you need help 

Onsite support minimum 1 hour; telephone, email and other support (if the problem is solved) in 30 minute increments. This option does not offer priority support.

Unlimited Remote: Phone & Email Support

Includes unlimited email, instant messaging, remote control, and telephone support. The phone support will be primarily evenings unless you have an urgent need. If you choose this option most things can be fixed remotely by installing secure remote connectivity software initiated by the client.

Monthly Tuneup: Option 2 plus 1 hour onsite 

This includes all of plan 2 plus 1 hour onsite each month for upkeep and security and backup checks. Any time beyond one hour is billed at the normal rate as in plan 1.

Piece of Mind: All inclusive support

Unlimited on site support as needed including any new system installation and configuration.


  • If you choose option 4, we need to stay on that plan for at least 3 months if we are going to do a lot of work initially. Otherwise there is no limitation on switching between other plans.
  • I have references for each plan with a few small businesses in the area. So let me know if you are interested in any contacts.


Why Kaceli Computer Consulting?

  • Highly experienced in system configuration and management (15+ years of experience)
  • Locally based
  • After hours support not interfering with your daily work flow
  • Trustworthy

Contact us for actual rates or a free quote.

*Most support services provided on evenings or weekends, thus not disrupting your business. 

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