A self-paced course on Microsoft Access. Learn the concepts of how databases work and how to use Microsoft Access for the workplace. No ads, just learning. 12 lessons with built-in assessment questions along the way to ensure you understand the concept and succeed.  Conquer Microsoft Access in just a few hours. Simple and concepts based. 


  • Lesson 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Access
  • Lesson 2: Templates and General Concepts Related to Access
  • Lesson 3: Creating your First Table in a Database
  • Lesson 4. Modifying Tables and Creating a Basic Query
  • Lesson 5: Creating Tables and Importing Data from External Systems
  • Lesson 6: Linking Tables and Defining the Relationships
  • Lesson 7: Creating Compound Forms from Multiple Tables
  • Lesson 8: Finding and Filtering Records in a Form
  • Lesson 9: Using and Designing Queries
  • Lesson 10: Creating Complex Queries and Calculated Fields via Query Design
  • Lesson 11: Creating and Modifying Reports in Microsoft Access
  • Lesson 12: Creating Professional Reports from Multiple Tables
  • Lesson 13a: Exporting Data to Excel
  • Lesson 13b: Exporting Data to Excel and Performing a Mail Merge
  • Lesson 14: User Input Queries and Reports in Microsoft Access
  • Course Feedback and Evaluation

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