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Windows 11 for the Workplace

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Course Overview

Windows 11 for the Workplace course

By the end of this course, you should have an exceptionally good understanding of Windows 11 of both the components and optimizing the system for productivity. The course contains 7 units. Each unit contains 2-9 videos per unit. Below are the learning objectives in each unit:

Unit 1:

  1. New features of Windows 11
  2. Logging in to Windows
  3. Using the Windows Taskbar and changes related to the taskbar.
  4. Using Windows Desktop
  5. Using Windows Applications
  6. Using the Start Menu
  7. Multi-Tasking
  8. Action Center
  9. Snap Layout Feature

Unit 2:

  1. Using Windows Search
  2. Using File Explorer and Compressing Files.

Unit 3:

  1. Connecting to a Wi-Fi network
  2. Setting the Default Printer
  3. Extending the Display to connect to a projector
  4. Casting to a Wireless TV or Computer Display
  5. Mirroring the content from an Android Phone

Unit 4:

  1. Browsing the Web
  2. Using Windows Widgets

Unit 5:

  1. Restarting and Shutting Down the Computer
  2. Installing Windows Updates
  3. Personalizing the Visual Theme
  4. Accessing and Changing Windows Settings
  5. Changing Privacy Settings
  6. Changing the Password
  7. Locking the PC
  8. Using Antivirus Software

Unit 6:

  1. Uninstalling Applications
  2. Adjusting Sound Settings
  3. Enabling the Gaming Mode
  4. Using Sticky Notes
  5. Using Focus Assist
  6. Using Windows Terminal

Unit 7:

  1. Using Task Manager to Troubleshoot Issues
  2. Adding Apps to Windows Startup
  3. Resetting the PC
  4. Step-by-Step Upgrade Experience
  5. Upgrading Windows 11 Manually
  6. Enabling TPM on a Virtual Machine


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